Sketching Inclusivity

This documentation outlines the UI design and gaming accessibility features, visualized through Figma. The prototype focuses on enhancing inclusivity with minimalistic aesthetics. The intentional use of the term 'settings' emphasizes that these features cater to diverse users, with accessibility in mind but not exclusively for differently-abled individuals.

UI Design Overview- Dyslexia-Friendly Fonts
  • Implemented dyslexia-friendly fonts across the entire game for improved readability.

- Meditation Mode
  • Introduced a Meditation Mode accessible through a toggle switch. This feature enhances the gaming atmosphere with calming music and slowed animations, providing a serene and enjoyable experience.

- Reduce Motion
  • Incorporated a "Reduce Motion" option allowing users to minimize animations, notifications, UI motion, and popups, catering to those sensitive to motion effects.

- Subtitles
  • Integrated a subtitles option for users to enable text display, ensuring accessibility for players with hearing impairments or those who prefer visual reinforcement of in-game dialogues.

- High Contrast Display
  • Added a high contrast display toggle, enhancing visibility for users who benefit from increased color contrast.

Cognitive Features - Clear Game Path
  • Users can enable a highlighted path or visual cues to improve navigation, particularly beneficial for individuals with cognitive disabilities.

- Visual Arrows
  • Visual arrows guide players through the game, aiding orientation and direction for a more intuitive gaming experience.

- Simplified Explanations
  • Implemented an option for simplified explanations, reducing reliance on text-heavy instructions and enhancing overall comprehension.

This UI design and its associated accessibility features are crafted to be adaptable across diverse game genres, ensuring inclusivity for players with varying needs and preferences.
By prioritizing accessibility and incorporating versatile design elements, this UI prototype aims to provide an enriched and enjoyable gaming experience for a wide audience. The features outlined cater to diverse needs, fostering inclusivity within the gaming community.

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