Who knows, but they call me Dina Khalil 🙋🏻‍♀️

My journey began with studying Journalism at the American University of Kuwait, where I refined my abilities in research, writing, and effectively conveying meaningful stories. However, I soon realized my desire for a platform that allowed me more freedom to explore social issues and express my artistic side. This realization led me to the fascinating realm of VR/AR technology. Subsequently, I pursued master's programs in new media, ultimately joining the interactive telecommunications program (ITP) at NYU. Here, I tailored my own major, focusing extensively on AR/VR design and development, as well as delving into machine learning and artificial intelligence.

To further refine my skills, I completed a UX/UI bootcamp at Columbia, gaining insight into the significance of user-centric design and developing interactive interfaces that deeply engage users.

In addition, I am deeply passionate about making MR (Mixed Reality) more accessible to all individuals. I obtained the CPACC (Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies) certificate, which enriched my knowledge when designing for accessibility.

My diverse background enables me to bridge the gap between technology and social issues, employing immersive experiences to shed light on important subjects and initiate meaningful discussions. With my dedication to exploring new storytelling avenues and addressing societal concerns, I am eager to contribute my expertise to the continuously evolving field of VR/AR development.

I am motivated to continue pushing the boundaries of what's achievable, utilizing VR/AR technology to create transformative experiences that inspire, educate, and forge connections among people on a profound level.

life as a timeline  
  • Won an Award! 2024
    Freedoom of The Press won the Communicator's Award for 'Use of Emerging Technology' and 'Augmented Reality'
  • Judging 2024
    some more contests in the XR field
  • Joined Google 2023
    as a Technical Artist. -I KNOW!-
  • Nexus Studios 2023
    hired me as a freelance technical artist for a super duper cool project (might be the highlight of my career as of now!)
  • Got CPACC Certified! 2023
    which was a lifelong aspiration of mine, helping me begin to make XR accessible
  • Finally Finished 2023
    Columbia’s super intensive UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Started Columbia University’s 2022
    UX/UI Bootcamp!
  • Mark Zuckerberg 2022
    talked about a project I was part of at Meta’s annual conference, Connect ‘22
  • Became a Judge 2022
    for a global AR contest led by Lenslist
  • Joined Meta 2021
    as a Technical Artist
  • The American Red Cross 2021
    accepted me as a volunteer front-end developer
  • Fell in Love 2020
    with assistive technology solutions and volunteered in a web-development workshop for the visually impaired as a teachers assistant
  • Moved to NYC 🍎! 2019
    To pursue my Masters degree at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program
  • Premiere of my first Documentary!  2018
    I was chosen to showcase my work at Institut Français Du Koweit. It was about how smartphones are making us ...less smart
  • Became a Guest Lecturer 2017
    at the American University of Kuwait, and organized workshops on Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects
  • University of Arts in London 2017
    is where I took a course in Video Journalism
  • Started Designing Web Pages! 2016
    Nothing fancy here, just took an online course and began my coding journey
  • Got My Bachelor of Arts degree. 2015
    Graduated from the American University of Kuwait with a BA in Journalism and Media, and a minor in Business Administration
  • Co-founded Guitars N’ Designs 2014
    which is a small business on the internet that sells guitars with drawings of famous music stars
  •  Volunteered at Nuqat; 2013
    a non-profit organization for cultural development