VR Experience: SquadShapers!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023
A collaboration between: Emma Grimm, Dina Khalil and Elena Glazkova.

The What?
Our potential users are already in virtual space (Zoom + other platforms for virtual communication). They face the challenge of introducing themselves, socializing, interacting, and collaborating—all virtually. We aim to build a better, funnier, and more efficient experience for them. This experience will not only help them "break the ice" but also reveal interesting facets of themselves and their colleagues.

The Why?Today, more and more teams are starting their work together online, and launching a project might feel awkward and challenging. Traditional "Zoom ice-breakers" often fall short. We believe that VR technology can offer a solution to this problem.

Our intention is to create an environment that fosters safe interactions, collisions, and collaboration. To achieve this, we utilize simple geometric shapes and a bright, appealing color scheme.

Our goal is to simplify the representation of the body; geometric shapes are easy to understand and visualize collisions with.

Symbolically, collisions represent the fundamental impact we have on each other through interaction. That's why the shapes and colors change when users collide with one another.

Additionally, our movements leave an impression; we begin with a basic cube, which is familiar and straightforward, and mold it using our whole bodies

The Experience:

Before a new team begins working together, the HR manager assigns each member a shape that reflects their role. This shape represents the user in the virtual space. All members receive an email from the HR manager with instructions. At the scheduled time, they enter the virtual space.

In the virtual environment, users encounter a giant shape. Their task is to sculpt it into a different required shape through collaboration. Users change their form and appearance by colliding with each other, and then they can change the shape by colliding with it. There is a logic to how the giant shape changes, and they must work together to figure it out.

Participants see each other as shapes and can communicate with their real voices, similar to VRChat. Once the giant shape is changed to the required one, all participants proceed to a Zoom meeting to share their thoughts and emotions and get to know each other in the virtual space.


Onboarding will be curated by the HR manager and consist of an email with a set date and time, along with a video tutorial for setup, whether you have a headset or not.


After all the players have completed their tasks, they will proceed to the Zoom meeting to see each other's faces, discuss their experiences, and get to know each other better. We will provide a list of potential talking points to facilitate reflection on the collaborative process.

The How?Software: Autodesk Fusion 360, Unity Engine, Photon Bolt.
Skills: VR setup, C# coding language, Networking, Patience.
Time: November, 2020.

The basic experience includes onboarding (non-VR), the actual team building (built in Unity), and the off-boarding, which could take place on Zoom or any other online communication tool. Additionally, we will outline the scenario and conduct brief training sessions for HR managers who will curate it.

Extras; Some Satisfying Videos




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